The products Hydro supplies, whether manufactured by us or sourced from our range of trusted partners, are proven, dependable and designed to give your business key competitive advantages such as:

Low power consumption.
Small footprint.
Low operational cost.
Low emissions.
Long lifespan.
Long service intervals.

The delivery of an effective solution requires not only excellent products and treatment systems, but optimised operations and management. Modifying the patterns and behaviours of plant operators and adding telemetry systems to monitor critical levels can pre-empt issues and deliver significant operational improvements Hydro looks at the complete manufacturing and effluent treatment process to identify operational behaviours that could disrupt manufacturing and set in place early-warning systems and operational and maintenance changes that will maximise your production uptime.

Our Technical Partners

Over 30 years of experience and technical development have gone into the design of our sludge dewatering systems

Our latest range of dewatering systems are some of the smallest and most efficient in the world and can treat all types of sludge.
• HI-RT Unit is used for sludge with a dry solid content greater than 1.5%
• HI-ST Unit is used for sludge with a dry solid content less than 1.5%

Our dewatering systems are designed to be used inline.
• Just 2kW electrical consumption per hour (compared to 25kW for a traditional centrifuge) based on a flow of 5 cm3p/h
• Small footprint, 75% smaller than traditional screw presses
• Low water consumption, programmable, no continuous flow of water required
• Completely fabricated in 304 stainless steel
• Slow operation delivers low depletion and a long 10+ year lifespan.5%

Hydro also provides Sludge dewatering system on hire

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Effective inlet screening is the first step in protecting your effluent treatment plant

Hydro’s inlet screens represents the combination of 30 years experience and development that has evolved into a highly reliable system for the removal of suspended liquids and solid materials from process and wastewater.
Designed to process medium to high volumes of screen waste, Hydro’s screens will protect your effluent treatment plant from blockages and breakdowns. Some of its features include:

• Self-cleaning
• Capacity of up to 10 m3/hr
• Blockage free design
• Resistant to sand and fat
• Fully automatic
• V ery low maintenance costs
• Minimal maintenance required
• No bearings or drive components in the liquid

  • Wastewater purification installations

  • Paper factories

  • Tanneries

  • Abattoirs

  • Process water

  • Poultry Slaughter

  • Breweries Septic material reception

  • Cooling Water Intake Stations

  • Fish processing Industry

  • Industrial Laundries

Supplying Hydro’s Hybrid DAF systems for 30 years to our own designs and specifications

Hydro has been supplying DAFs for 30 years to our own designs and specifications, enabling us to constantly evolve and improve the design to deliver guaranteed performance and peace of mind to our customers.

Hydro’s Hybrid DAF combines dissolved and induced air to significantly reduce BOD and COD loadings (often caused by fats, oils and greases) to within compliance specifications for industrial and municipal applications

Alternatively, the technology can reduce the total organic loading, thereby expanding the capacity of downstream biological treatment plants. In some applications, the technology is used as a ‘final polish’ prior to discharge or recycling via a membrane system.

  • Proven to be more reliable than traditional DAFs
  • Delivers significant savings compared to traditional DAFs
  • Handles a wide range of contaminant loadings and flows
  • Fabricated in 304 stainless steel this gives it a long lifespan
  • Closed-in design for odour control and improved weather-proofing
  • Supplied in small, medium and large sizes (including multi-DAF systems in series for large effluent flows)
  • Hydro also offers Hybrid DAF plants for hire
  • To download more information on the Hydro Hybrid DAF

Hydro also provides Sludge dewatering system on hire

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Our latest screw press Technology is some of the smallest and most efficient in the world

Our range of sludge de-watering systems are some of the smallest and most efficient in the world delivering energy savings of up to 80% against more conventional technologies such as centrifuges or belt presses.

Our latest screw press has processed sludge with dry solids content to as little as 0.2% DS. The level achievable is dependent on the nature of the sludge.
A thickened dried cake of no-flow quality will be produced by the Hydro screw press with a total solids content of between 12% to 42%. With a solids recovery of 98%, Hydro’s presses can manage flow of between 0.5 cm3p/h to 20 cm3p/h.
Our screw presses can also be combined with our range of sludge dryers to deliver a complete process solution.
• Fully automated system
• Ability to handle oil and greases
• Completely fabricated in 304 stainless steel
• Just 2kW electrical consumption per hour (compared to 25kW for a traditional centrifuge) based on a 5m3/hr flow
• Low water consumption (programmable, no continuous flow of water required)
• Small footprint, 75% smaller than traditional screw presses
• Slow operation delivers low depletion and a long (10 year lifespan)

  • Food and Beverage

  • Brewing Dairy

  • Meat and Poultry

  • Municipal Pulp and Paper

  • Pharmaceutical Petrochemical

Hydro’s Sludge Thickener is designed to give a SS recovery ratio of 99%.

With very low operating costs and electrical consumption of 0.4KW p/h based on 10 m3/hr, the systems can thicken flows of between 5 m3/hr and 50 m3/hr.

Operational benefits include:
• Fully automated system
• Rapid ROI payback
• Low energy consumption of 0.4kW based on 10 m3/hr,
• Delivers high SS recovery ratio of 99%
• High throughput of 5 m3/hr and 50 m3/hr
• Treats all kinds of sludge
• Safe and Easy to operate
• Sterilizes sludge
• Small footprint
• Low maintenance costs

Hydro’s Sludge Thickeners are suitable for a range of industries and
applications including:
• Phosphate removal
• Metal finishing
• Car body paint lines
• Food and Beverage
• Dairies

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Sludge Thickening systems

Hydro Membrane Systems – with award-winning and industry-leading environmental credentials.

Hydro manufactures the full range of membrane-based systems including:
• Reverse Osmosis
• Ultra Filtration
• Nano Filtration
As the exclusive distributor for LG Membranes in Europe, Hydro provides not only market- leading technology but the research, development and support of LG; one of the World’s leading companies.

Our custom made manufacturing facility means that we can design and manufacture membrane systems to treat:
• Influent for process and ultra-pure water applications
• Effluent for lower discharge costs and re-use for wash waters
• Recycling; enabling to re-use up to 80% of your effluent volume

Supplied as a stand alone system, or more commonly as part of a multi-stage effluent treatment system, Hydro’s membrane systems facilitate significant reductions in discharge volumes and associated Mogden costs, whilst delivering award-winning and industry-leading environmental credentials.