Research and Development has always been and continues to be at the heart of what makes Hydro’ different.

The wastewater treatment industry has a
long-held belief that there have not been any
significant innovations in the water industry for
30 years. At Hydro we beg to differ!

Our MD PJ has a passion for identifying, developing and commercialising novel technologies or novel applications of old technologies and this is critical to our ability to deliver innovation and highly cost effective and dependable solutions to our clients.


As an Approved Supplier to Irish Water, Hydro is well positioned to benefit from additional growth through the delivery of products and services to this newly formed Utility. In addition, this Approval provides sales and delivery channel for current and future Partners to sell products and services into Irish Water, through Hydro.


Hydro is actively seeking Distributors for our range of proprietary advanced effluent treatment products and systems.

If you are based in Europe, the USA, Canada or the Middle East and are seeking effluent treatment productions and solutions, particularly for the Food and Beverage sector;

please feel free to get in touch with us to
discuss a potential distributorship.

Equally, if you have a novel effluent product or technology or an established proven technology that you have adapted for a novel effluent application, our R&D team would be interested to hear from you.