Hydro’s technology was selected by Clearfleau when tendering for the BV Dairy project. The Clearfleau and BV Dairy project subsequently won the prestigious Excellence Award for Recycling and Waste Management 2011. We are proud to participate with Clearfleau, in this leading edge project for BV Dairies, which deployed our patented equipment.

The technologies have garnered a reputation as best in class solutions in the UK Food industry. The solution was based on leading edge Anaerobic Digestion technologies and has been proven to produce significant benefits in water treatment and renewable energy via the generation of Bio-Gas.

BV Dairy is a Dorset based dairy processor which produces milk, yoghurt and soft cheese, supplying food manufacturers and food service customers across the UK. Through the project it has reducing its treatment costs, its energy bill and its carbon footprint. The biogas produced from the process generates 2,150 MW of electricity and 1,685 MW of heat per annum. This dramatically reduces the company’s energy needs. In addition, the surplus heat is being used in the dairy production process – previously this heat had to be generated by using oil burning boilers.


The showcase plant is now an official demonstration site for best-practice in the UK food industry and the project was also funded by the Environmental Transformation Fund (ETF) on behalf of DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and DECC (the Department for Energy and Climate Change). In addition, in July 2011, the project got recognition at the British Renewable Energy Awards.


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